Do you or someone you know ever struggle with the idea that they’re just not sexy because they don’t measure up to someone else’s definition of “sexy”? What if you were already the sexiest person you know?

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Welcome to this Sexpert Interview with Celeste Davis from Marriage Laboratory! Celeste is a Gottman Certified Marriage Coach, host of the Marriage Thereoke Podcast, and blogs at The Marriage Laboratory.

We cover topics such as:

  • Celeste and her husband Rich did month-long experiments on each the five love languages. What they learned about the fifth and last one made a huge impact on their marriage, and could change yours too
  • How to develop a healthy self image
  • How being authentic and drawing on your own natural gifts and innate talents is really sexy
  • How to discover your own version of “sexy”
  • How to peel back the onion layers and work on yourself to be the very best version of you

Celeste finishes the interview with some awesome “black belt” intimacy tips to take your marriage and lovemaking to the next level.

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