DIY Boudoir Photoshoot: Everything You Need to Know!

A boudoir photoshoot is a great idea, and not just for your spouse! With the right mindset, a boudoir photo shoot can help you discover a lot about your own sexuality and help you feel confident in your body. However, not everyone can hire a professional to help them shoot boudoir. Whether it’s because you don’t feel comfortable “stripping down” in front of a stranger or you’re looking for a more economical option, here’s some tips and tricks to help you create a DIY boudoir photoshoot!

Why Try a Boudoir Photoshoot?

A lot of women don’t feel completely comfortable with the idea of a boudoir photoshoot. They feel uncomfortable with the idea of pictures existing of them trying to be sexy. Some women are afraid of what they might look like (“what if I just look totally awkward?”). Some are not comfortable with their bodies. Sometimes, wives try a boudoir photoshoot because they think it’s something their husband wants, but they feel nervous about it.

Boudoir photos can be a great gift to give your husband, but that shouldn’t be your only motivator to try a boudoir photo shoot! Here are a few of the benefits of doing a DIY boudoir shoot, just for you!

#1 Feeling Sexy in Your Body

A boudoir photoshoot is an excellent opportunity for you to “sit in your sexuality”. Maybe you’re not comfortable enough to show off in lingerie to a photographer. Maybe just feeling sexy in general is hard for you. Maybe you don’t feel connected to your body and its sexuality. Doing a boudoir photoshoot with just yourself can be a great opportunity to get in touch with your wonderful body. Use this opportunity to explore yourself. What is your relationship with your body? How do you feel when you look at your body? What is your experience with sexuality? 

The first few attempts may honestly be painful if you have a lot of animosity towards your body. If this is the case, it may be best to put aside the camera and just look at yourself in the mirror. Put on an outfit that you think is sexy. Appreciate the good in your body. Notice what you find appealing and alluring about your body. Try a few poses. Pull out the camera and take a few shots just for you and then delete them.  Take the time to meditate on the wonder that is your body. Thank it for all it does for you and appreciate its sexuality! If you really struggle with loving your body, look at our post More Than Just a Body.

#2 Getting Acquainted with your Sexuality

Like I said before, this is your opportunity to learn about your sexual self! Figure out what makes you feel sexy! Try on different outfits and get creative with what you have. If you have something you may never wear out in public but seems sexy, now’s the time to throw it on and do a fashion show! You can also explore what poses, stories, settings make you feel sexy. Remember great sex you have had and get excited for the sex you are going to have! Give yourself to be sexual just for you. 

#3 Cost Effective

As a poor newlywed myself, I looked up prices to hire a photographer to do a boudoir shoot and I almost choked! Professional photographers are fantastic and do a much better job taking photos than I ever could, but for me hiring someone is just not in the budget. Learning how to do it yourself can be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom without “spicing things up” financially. 

#4 It Can be Really Fun  

Doing a boudoir photoshoot with yourself can be silly, exciting, sexy, entertaining, and just all around fun! Once you get over the awkwardness, most women find they really enjoy the chance to get all dressed up and feel sexy! And if you decide to share your photos, I’m sure your husband will have a lot of fun with them too!

For a pro’s opinion on the benefits of a boudoir photoshoot, check out our podcast episode What a Boudoir Photographer Taught Me About My Body.

Sexy woman getting ready for sex in bedroom with her lover

How to Get Started with Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Now we know the benefits, let’s get started! First of all, you’re going to need something to take pictures with. You can use a camera, but your phone also works great! If you want to really get into this photoshoot, you might want to invest in a tripod for your phone (like this one), and maybe even a watch/remote to take the picture. If you want to start by just propping up your phone on self timer or taking mirror selfies, that works too! Just know it might be a bit frustrating to capture the poses you want with those methods.

Another fun idea is to use a Polaroid camera (this one works great for me)! That way, you know your pictures only exist in one place, and you have a hard copy to give to your spouse. You can also just ask your spouse to help you take the photos if you’re more comfortable with that! It could be fun to have them tell you what they think looks sexy (and having a period of “you can look but not touch” can be great foreplay). 

Skies the limit on your creativity! Here’s just a few suggestions to help get you started!


  • Bedroom: A classic! Get tangled up in the sheets, invite him to bed, or play around with your curtains. 
  • Bathroom: Great for mirror selfies, or the bathtub can be a suggestive prop.
  • Kitchen: There’s lots to play with in there! Try pretending to bake cookies, with just your apron on!
  • Outside: If you are able to find a private place outdoors, see what you can come up with! Even an impromptu picture of you in your swimsuit at the beach or sports bra and shorts on a hike can be a fun way to say you’re thinking about him. 


  • Lingerie: another classic! Appreciate how good you look wrapped in lacy.
  • Fancy dress: This is for you! What dress do you feel sexiest in? 
  • Button up shirt: Progressively unbuttoning is a great way to show off what’s underneath
  • Blankets/pillows: Coly cover your private bits by draping the sheet over you or carefully placing pillows. 
  • Costumes: Is there a particular role that really gets you going? Dress like it! I like to approach my closet and think, “if I were a temptress, how would I wear these clothes?”
  • His clothes: My husband is always complaining, “babe, why do you look so much better in my clothes than me?” Get creative! Maybe pair his favorite hoodie with your favorite pair of panties
  • Nude: This is for you girl! If you feel your sexiest and most confident in your birthday suit, there’s no need to complicate it!
  • Heels: Heels are a great way to accentuate your legs and butt. Pair them with your favorite dress, lingerie, or rock ‘em with nothing else on. 


  • Laying down: Laying down on your stomach, depending on the angle, can show off your butt and/or your breasts. Laying down on your back can seem inviting.
  • Legs up: Legs up not only shows off your legs, but can feel very suggestive. 
  • Looking over shoulder: Tease him through the camera, invite him to follow you into arousal. 
  • Taking clothes off: I don’t think I need to explain how this is sexy. 
  • Serious vs laughing: Both can be extremely attractive! It’s up to you what mood you want to set.
  • Kneeling: folding your legs under you can really show off your butt.
  • Crawling: Woof! Let gravity show off your breasts and show off how confident you are being in charge

Spicy Tips!

Here’s a few extra ideas to take your photos to the next level!

  • Zoom in on details. Focus on the bow on your lingerie or on your smiling lips.
  • Use physical photos leading to the bedroom to surprise your spouse!
  • Send your photos one at a time. This allows him to appreciate every picture. 

A few things to keep in mind. Don’t give up if this is something that you want. Allow time for practice and figuring it all out! Your spouse wants you! Don’t worry that your photos don’t look “good enough”. You’re not a professional and you don’t have to be! This experience is for you! Take the time to do your hair and makeup, or whatever it takes to help you feel desirable and sexy!

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