Sex and Intimacy Coaching: the What and the Why

To get good at something, everybody needs a coach. Olymipans have a coach. NFL teams have coaches. My son’s tennis team has a coach. It stands to reason then, that to get really good sex life, deep & rewarding intimacy, and strong, long-lasting marriage, a person may want a sex and intimacy coach. 

Sex and intimacy coaching is exactly what it sounds like. An experienced teacher giving specific advice and help to couples looking to better their intimacy and sex life. Many couples have benefited from sex coaching, and here’s why!

What is Intimacy Coaching?

When we moved into our newly constructed house a few years ago, a miscommunication between the builder and his supplier meant we didn’t have any bathroom mirrors in our house for a few weeks. It was interesting getting ready for the day without a mirror. I showed up to work with messy hair sometimes because I simply didn’t notice the way I looked before I left the house.

Have you ever tried to get ready without a mirror? We can go through all the motions we have gone through a hundred times, but without a mirror there is no reference for how well the process went. Did you miss a step? Is your lipstick on your teeth? Does your shirt match your shoes? 

As a marriage & intimacy coach, my job is to raise your awareness and help you see yourself more clearly. A good coach is an outside observer who can hold up a mirror to your relationship. Those in the relationship can maybe sense something is off, but are too close to the situation to see what isn’t working. Once a good coach can illuminate what’s happening in the relationship, individuals and couples are better equipped to resolve their own issues. Consider these real life coaching stories!

How Coaching Helped A Couple With Intimacy

Mark and Mindy came on our podcast to talk about how intimacy coaching has changed their lives. They were on the brink of divorce when Mark signed up for my Men’s Coaching Program. Mark was a chronic over functioner and took on way too much in his marriage (as well as having some “nice guy syndrome”). He took on a lot, and then would feel resentful towards Mindy for not recongnizing his effort and giving him approval (through sex). Mindy, sensing that resentment, would start to avoid Mark, leaving him anxious about their relationship. He would further the cycle with more overfunctioning. These two had been to therapy, but hadn’t gotten anywhere as Mark was attempting to get their therapist to “fix” Mindy. 

Through our Men’s Coaching Program, Mark realized change needed to start with him. He was able to courageously confront his own role in the dynamic with the help of his intimacy coach (me) and the others in his group. He learned how to combat “good guy” syndrome and see a stronger response to his default way of behaving through the worksheets and action assignments. As he changed, he became more attractive to Mindy. Mindy also found a good marriage coach that helped her through her insecurities. To hear more of Mark and Mindy’s story, listen to their podcast episode!

Coaching Helped An Individual Learning How To Orgasm

Another great success story came from Jessica (name has been changed). Jessica came to me for intimacy coaching after having been married 5 years and never once having an orgasm. She had read all the books and tried every trick; nothing was working. Jessica felt like she kept getting so close, but wasn’t able to finish. She was close to resigning herself to being broken and never orgasming. I was able to walk Jessica through a series of questions to help her identify what specifically was stopping her orgasm. After nailing down the problem, Jessica and her husband were able to come up with a specific plan for her. 

The couple went on a weekend getaway and implemented the ideas we came up with in our session. Jessica felt confident in holding focus on her for as long as it took. She was able to orgasm for the first time! Not only had Jessica been able to orgasm, but she learned that she wasn’t “broken”. That realization, more than anything else, changed her whole life. 

To hear more about how coaching has changed people’s lives, listen to our “sextimonies” podcast episodes! (Episodes 60 – 64)

The common thread in these stories is:

  1. a coach helped others see what the couple couldn’t 
  2. the individual was willing to make changes in themselves.

Who is Sex Coaching for?

Everyone! Think of it in terms of sports. Even the most professional teams and athletes need a coach. Sometimes, that coach is helping an athlete work through an injury to help them become better than ever. Sometimes, a coach takes a team that is already doing well and helps them identify and strengthen their weak points. 

In the same way, every sort of couple could benefit from intimacy coaching. A couple thinking about divorce could use a coach to help them reconcile their differences. A couple who is doing just fine could also use a coach to help them take their sex life to the next level! The only prerequisite to coaching  is to courageously commit to changing yourself. A husband or wife who comes to coaching only to change their spouse won’t get as much out of the process as one who is willing to admit their own flaws. 

Get Your Marriage On! Coaching

So what makes Get Your Marriage On! coaching special? Our brand is dedicated to education, intimacy, and fun! We tackle the nuances of emotional connection while staying upbeat and excited about sex. 

I (Dan Purcell) created Get Your Marriage On! and run our coaching program. I am a certified life coach, father of 6, active Christian and have been married for 18 years! I have been helping couples with their sex lives since 2017 and absolutely love every moment. 

Still wondering if I’m the best intimacy coach for you, then come meet me! The most important factor (other than being willing to change) in the coaching experience is your relationship with the coach. Therefore, we offer a free first session of coaching so you can get to know me!

Coaching Programs

Get Your Marriage On! Offers several different types of coaching programs to help each couple get the help they specifically need. 

Marriage Coaching

Marriage coaching is a one-on-one experience with just you, your spouse (if they are open) and me. Couples who want more individualized care choose this option so they can work on their specific situation. Take as many sessions as you need to make your marriage better than ever! There is currently a waiting list, so don’t wait to sign up for your free first session!

Men’s Course

Our Men’s Coaching Program is a twelve week program designed to help men become better lovers and get more pleasure with their spouse. This program includes weekly meetings as well as a workbook and assignments to do at home! Previous attendees love the comradery of having a cohort to talk with. Our next cohort starts September 28th 2022, so sign up now as seats fill up fast!

Live Open Coaching

We also offer more general open coaching calls. This is for a couple who wants to learn with and from others. Three individuals or couples will be coached on this call, with a group of others who want to learn from observing. The group discusses questions together, attended over by our certified coach (usually me). Those being coached will remain anonymous.

Live Workshops

Lastly, every month we hold a live workshop. Workshops are held over zoom and focus on a specific topic. These workshops work more like a symposium where I will teach about a specific topic, however there is always a question and answer period at the end for specific questions on the topic. Can’t make it to the meeting? We record each workshop and sell them with the workbook so you can learn at your convenience. Check out our upcoming workshops or suggest a topic here

I believe everyone needs a coach. No matter how good or how bad your sex life is, everyone could use an outside observer and some experienced advice. We offer so many coaching options so each couple can get the help they need. 

Written by Dan Purcell and Amanda Severson

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