We are all familiar with the Bat Signal, right? It was the bright light that the Gotham City would shine into the night sky to harken Batman to save the day! Well…why not have Sexy Signals?  

It is sometimes challenging to let your spouse know that you would like to be intimate with them, but it is also SUPER helpful to be able to communicate that need in a very clear way. Imagine if Batman sat around wondering if Gotham City needed his help or not, it’s a bit like that. 

So we decided that the best approach is to be proactive and clear and to create some signals! We challenge you to come up with a variety of Sexy Signals that are just between you and your partner. Each signal stands for a different type of sexual encounter that you are looking forward to with your spouse. 

It's business time

Here are some ideas for your sexy signals:

  • A scarf draped over the bed means that you want a very sensual and slow experience
  • A bottle of hot sauce on the nightstand means that you are looking forward to some spicy love making
  • A necktie across the pillows might mean that you want to dress up fancy before you get frisky
  • Decide ahead of time on a nondescript emoji that means you’re wanting to be intimate, and send a text message
  • Come up with a code word you can insert into a normal conversation, such as, “I think it’s time for an oil change” or “That reminds me of the Pacific Ocean.”
  • Hang a door hanger (like what hotels use) that signals you’re wanting to get it on.

Sexy Signals can be an intimacy lifesaver and a super fun and easy way to add variety and even more pleasure to your love life!

What sexy signals do you use in your marriage? Let us know in the comments.