A Private, Intimacy Calendar (and 5 Reasons Why You Need One!)

One of the most requested features for the Intimately Us app over the last few months has been to add a private intimacy calendar (or sex calendar). It’s nice to view what intimacy challenges you’ve completed in a calendar format and is also an awesome way to save your favorite intimate moments. The latest update to the Intimately Us app gives you an instantly synced calendar with your spouse!

View your intimacy challenges & more in the Intimacy Calendar!

The Intimacy Calendar lets you track things such as:

  • Date Nights. Record upcoming or past dates! Record details such as what you did, where you went, etc.
  • We Made Love / Had Sex. Use the private Intimacy Calendar as a sex calendar to record your sexual encounters. Record as little or as much detail as you like, including who initiated, how it went, what was memorable about it, etc.
  • Intimacy Challenges Completed. Little loving acts of kindness done consistently add up over time & strengthen your relationship. View what challenges you’ve completed and see how you’ve served and showed love to each other over time.
  • Other Dates. Record special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming romantic getaways, and so on!
Adding an event to your Intimacy Calendar

All of these things are easy to use and free in the app!

So why why would you want to use an intimacy calendar (or sex calendar) like this?

#1 – Convenient Way to Prioritize Your Love Life

You use a calendar to keep track of your doctor’s appointments, when to pick up kids from their lessons and everything else to organize and run your life, right? You probably even use your calendar as a journal – to go back through and see all the things you’ve done over a period of time. Calendars are awesome!

What about a calendar for your private, intimate events and encounters with your special someone? Wouldn’t it be great if you could securely save your favorite memories and track your best intimate moments? If you use Intimately Us, then you’ve already got an app for that!

If you need a little more help making date night happen, check out our post Prioritizing Date Night for great tips on dating at every stage of a marriage!

#2 – Reduce Frequency Fights

Recently, a friend texted me and said:

“My wife and I have differing thoughts on what our actual intimate frequency is. I know this sounds funny but she has an app that used to help her track menstrual cycles while we were trying to have a baby. Could you have something similar to track frequency of intimacy?”

You bet! The Intimately Us app update makes it easy to record when you’ve had sex so that you can look back and see how you’re doing! They say sex is a good barometer for the marriage — and how your sex life plays out is indicative of who you are as a person and how you relate in your relationship. Tracking your frequency helps you establish a baseline for the habits and patterns you want to develop in your relationship.

Just a word of caution: tracking your frequency should never be used as a weapon. Coercing or pressuring your spouse to have sex with you because you’ve been tracking how long it’s been since the last time rarely goes over well. If you’re having serious frequency fights, see the resources in the app’s Learn section for help.

#3 – Schedule Sex & Date Nights

You can use the Intimacy Calendar to look ahead and schedule when you both agree to have sex. Scheduling sex may not sound sexy, but it works for many couples that try it. It helps many lower desire spouses get their head in the game while calming down the higher desire spouse that sex will happen at some specific time. Besides, we anticipate Christmas, birthdays, and other events, so why not build up some anticipation for your next steamy lovemaking session? You can even decide beforehand who’s turn it will be to initiate.

It’s not just about scheduling sex. Date nights are super important to schedule as well! Schedule your date nights in advance so that they’re more likely to happen. You can also use the Intimately Us app to find date ideas as well.

#4 – Keep A Streak Going

Little acts done consistently over time often makes a bigger impact than grand overtures done only once in a while. This principle is manifested everywhere, even in nature. Ever been to the Grand Canyon? That gigantic canyon was carved by little bits of water over a very long time.

We can look at our relationship like it’s the Grand Canyon. Overtime, growth and maturing can help create a beautiful relationship. Doing the small acts of service daily, such as the intimacy challenges, will help you grow closer than sporadic large overtures.

Sometimes, we all need a little motivation and that’s where the Intimacy Calendar comes in. It’s awesome when you can see a streak of blue dots over a period of time. It gives you motivation to keep going and keep trying to keep that streak up!

#5 – See How Far You’ve Come

If you want more highlights in your life, track your highlights and celebrate your wins! The Intimacy Calendar has a feature that lets you view some stats, like the following:

Stats on Intimacy Calendar

Imagine how special it will be to reflect back week after week, month after month of all the wins and highlights you’ve shared with your spouse! It’s incredibly special to be able to have a calendar where we can see how far our relationship has grown over a length of time. The Intimately Us app can help you grow your relationship through this intimate calendar but also through daily challenges, games, helpful articles and so much more!

Phone Screens of Intimately Us App

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