17 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

*** 2024 Update ***

Valentine’s Day gifts for men are pretty rarely advertised. Therefore, it can be hard to come up with a gift for your husband. Usually, you want to think of something sweet but not too cheesy. The best gifts come from a place of love, and you can communicate that through using your husbands love language. If gifts are his love language, go big and personalize your Valentine’s Day gift. If his love language is quality time, opt for an experience or activity you can do together. You get the idea – if you’re still stuck here are some idea’s we have come up with.

1. A New Toy

What is your man’s hobby? Disc golf, video games, mountain biking, guitar? Find something that fits into his hobby that he might not have thought to get for himself.

2. Calling All Movie Lovers

Look at reviews and search out a great new movie, or pull out one of his favorites! Buy his favorite treat, pop some popcorn, and maybe even add some ice cream! He’ll love a movie experience put together for the perfect night in.

3. Sexipes by Dating Divas

Give him a book with step-by-step instructions on how to cook up a sexy bedroom experience. A clean and fun book for all married couples! Here’s the link!

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Whether working out, sitting in an isolated office space, or taking a shower it can be great to rock out. Get your man a Bluetooth speaker!

5. Create or Buy a Man Crate

Put together a box full of manly treats and toys. Beef Jerky, pocketknife, grilling tools, BBQ spices, ammo, and their favorite beverage.

6. Clothing Item

 Hats, boots, sweats, jackets, shirts – you name it! What’s he in need of? Doesn’t need anything? That’s alright, buy something that promotes a hobby, passion, sports team, or music artist.

7. Make a Coupon Book

Create a coupon book full of things he enjoys that he can redeem later. Bonus points if you include intimate or sexy coupons. Trust us, he’ll like it!

8. Day Out

Contact his friends to plan a day out with the boys. If time alone is more his style, that’s great too! Give him a card explaining his day out/day to himself.

9. Tools

A lot of men love power tools! What’s something he mention he’d love to have on that last big project? Buy it!

10. Food is Love

Keep it simple and make your husband his favorite meals for Valentine’s Day! OR – Go big and take him out somewhere he’s been dying to try.

11. Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift card? Think outside the box a bit, where does he LOVE to shop but doesn’t get to very often?

12. Tumbler

Whether it be for coffee, hot chocolate, water, or his favorite soda everyone loves a good tumbler! Try Yeti, Hydro flask, or Stanley for some of our favorites.

13. Subscription

Does your hunny have a favorite podcaster? Do they have a subscription service? Does he joy music? Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music are popular. Is an Amazon Prime subscription enticing? There are millions of subscriptions you could give!

14. Tile Pro

Losing keys and phones is a regular occurrence for men and women alike! Buy a tile pro – this high-performance finder will solve all your lost item woes.

15. A Book

Books are a timeless gift that can be read and reread for years to come.

16. Charging Station

Charging stations are a very popular Valentine’s Day gift. Get your husband this hot item and keep his phone juiced up all day.

17. Lingerie

By gifting your husband lingerie you’re really getting yourself a gift. ? He’ll love it as much as you do!

Whatever you decide to get for your spouse for Valentine’s Day – it will be perfect.

If you’re still looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day, check out our Valentine’s Coupons booklet!

Happy Gifting!

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