25 More Tips to Spice Up Your Marriage!

Hey y’all! Previously, we did a round up of 20 “Blackbelt Tips” to help spice up your marriage. These tips came from our podcast episodes and our sexperts. You can read all those tips in our post 20 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life!

What follows are some tips to help you add some spice to your sex life with your spouse. These tips are all compiled from around the Web and books, and are just a small sample of advice and ideas available with just a little bit of Googling and reading.

My hope is that these 25 ideas will generate some conversation, exploration, and add some playfulness, novelty and spice to your marriage. Remember, sex is filled with meaning – and at its core it is a metaphor for how we do life. Have fun and enjoy each other.

The best really is yet to come (pun intended).

First 10 Tips!

  1. Keep a journal of your sex together throughout the years. At certain times take out the journal and read back in graphic detail previous encounters with your spouse. The only kind of erotica you will ever need. (Bonus tip: the Intimately Us app has a feature to record your favorite sexual memories and read your spouses!)
  2. Find a Mardi-Gras mask and wear it during your next lovemaking session. It adds an air of mystery and introduces a playful side.
  3. As a prelude to lovemaking, take the time to wash each other’s hair, including a sensual scalp massage.
  4. When it is cool or cold outside, drive around a little bit until the engine is warm and end up back in your garage (motor off) or at another safe spot to make love on the warm hood.
  5. Invest in pillows that can be used as lovemaking props or just to make the bed look more alluring.
  6. You don’t need to wait until your husband is erect before you put it in your mouth. He’ll enjoy the sensation of you sucking on him while he is limp / flaccid. You can take in all of him and the sucking motion will have him at full attention in no time. (for more tips on Oral Sex for Him read our post!)
  7. If you are fit, show off your muscles by doing naked push-ups while she is under you. When you are finished exercising, penetrate her. The more you can do, the more ready each of you will be.
  8. Place a glazed donut (or bagel) around your penis and invite your wife to nibble it until it is all gone.
  9. Pour a little bubbly into your belly button and invite your spouse to take a drink. Use some of the champagne or sparkling cider by pouring it between her legs for some fizzy stimulation. Invite your husband down for a drink. NOTE: Be careful not to put anything sugary into her vagina.
  10. Increase the excitement of your kisses by putting your tongue on ice, or sip a frozen drink before puckering up.

Woof! That was a lot! Take a second to let all those fun ideas sink in. Ready? Okay, let’s jump back in!

Tips 11-20

  1. Heat your kisses up by drinking hot tea (coffee breath is usually awful) or hot chocolate. Make sure your tongue is sufficiently warmed up before you massage your mate’s lips with your lips and tongue.
  2. Get the passion flowing with a seductive treasure hunt. Begin with a handwritten note in an envelope that tells your love to look in the freezer (or other location) if they want to make love. In that location, leave a piece of sexy underwear, love toy or other item with a note that takes them to the next location. Lead them to several different spots, which finally leads to you or a note that gives a time and place for some awesome lovemaking.
  3. Greet your spouse in bed, covered only in flower petals.
  4. Husbands, greet your wife in the bedroom only wearing a tie and introduce yourself as Jeeves, her humble butler eager to do her bidding for the evening.
  5. Give your sweetheart a pampering foot massage with peppermint oil or lotion. Dry with a warm fluffy towel. 
  6. The missionary style gets a bum rap a lot of times but a little variety can really spice it up. Ladies, try sticking your legs straight up and crossing them.
  7. Find a large sturdy mirror, put it on the floor and have sex doggie-style on top of it.
  8. For a very romantic lovemaking session, sprinkle rose petals on your sheets. (If you leave them on, they will stain the sheets when crushed.)
  9. Run your nails gently down his buttocks down to the back of his thighs.
  10. An ear massage can be quite enjoyable. Use a light amount of warm massage oil and rub the ear between your thumb and forefinger.

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just these tips? Remember, this is all meant to be fun. If any of these ideas make you uncomfortable, you don’t have to ever try it!

Tips 21 – 25

  1. Simultaneous orgasms usually are quite overrated. Instead of aiming for one orgasm that you share together, first work together to bring her to full climax that both of you enjoy and at some point afterwards it is your chance to concentrate on your own explosion. That way each partner gets to enjoy the energy of two (or more) orgasms. Women often become more aroused after they orgasm so when he orgasms after her she will enjoy the sensations all the greater. (If you need help getting her to orgasm, read our post Beginner’s Orgasm Tips for Her)
  2. When she is feeling really aroused, nibble lightly on her earlobe and breathe gently into her ear.
  3. The tongue is a very crucial part in giving oral sex to your husband. For optimum pleasure, try to keep your tongue in motion the entire time.
  4. After you have come out of the shower, seduce your wife with just a towel wrapped around your waist.
  5. For a playful lovemaking session, bring some silly string to bed. Glow necklaces and bracelets are fun, too.

That’s All Folks!

Take your time and work through this list together! Add, subtract, improvise, and revise the list however you want. Remember the most important part is to have a connecting experience with your spouse.

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