7 Household Items to Spice up Your Marriage

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My husband loves my family. Even when we were dating he fit right in with my siblings, would visit my aunts and uncles without me, and became “best bros” with my cousin after 15 minutes of knowing each other. We still joke that everyone in my family is trying to steal my husband because they all love spending time with him. 

Therefore, I had no idea what he was going to say when someone asked him what his least favorite thing about his in-laws was. Without even a moment’s hesitation he replied, “oh definitely the fact that none of them can handle any spice. Like, none.” 

Spicing Things Up

In spite of my inherited low spice tolerance, I love finding new ways to add spice to our marriage and sexual relationship. But it can sometimes feel too expensive to always be buying new products or books on what else you can try in the bedroom. Or maybe it feels overwhelming, or too far outside your comfort zone. In this post, we are going to explore ways to spice up your relationship with common household items. 

Using household items can help take the pressure off because it is inexpensive, convenient, and doesn’t require you to delve too far out of your comfort zone (just enough to stretch you). The only limit is your own creativity. Here are our 7 suggestions, with the hope that these will inspire your own creativity and help you get your marriage on with household items! 

7 Household Items to Use in Sex

#1 yoga ball

A lot of households have a big, squishy yoga ball around. I know my siblings and I used to run straight into each other holding yoga balls so we could fly backwards. Now that I am older, I’ve learned there’s a more fun way to use the yoga ball. Using a yoga ball in the “Cowgirl” sex position can lend great support (especially helpful during pregnancy) and help you get g-spot stimulation. Here’s how!

Create a comfortable spot for your husband to lie on the floor; putting either a yoga mat, blanket, or something under him to help him get comfortable and to contain any mess. Position him facing a wall with his legs bent and the yoga ball between his legs (the yoga ball should be propped up by the wall). Then, sit on the edge of the ball and slide down onto his penis. You should be in Cowgirl position, straddling him from the top, but with the yoga ball supporting your back and adding a fun bounce and tension. This technique works to position the penis to stimulate the g-spot during penetration.

#2 Folding chair

There are a lot of fun things you can do with a folding chair! Folding chairs typically don’t have arms, so they make a perfect seat for a husband as he enjoys a show.

If you are feeling up for it, try giving your husband a lap dance and/or a strip tease. We have articles on each to give you ideas, but the key is to do what makes you feel sexy. Don’t worry so much about pleasing your husband (trust me, he will love whatever you do) but to put on your favorite outfit, a song that makes you feel sexy, and just have fun with it. If you are into it, you can even have your husband sit on the couch and use the folding chair in your routine. And if things get spicy, a folding chair can be used for trying new sex positions, and is easy to clean up afterwards. 

#3 Belt in doggy position

Now, I know that some people use belts for BDSM, but that is not what we are talking about here (if you are curious about BDSM read more about it here). Instead, you can use a normal belt to help add connection and bring deeper penetration. With your wife kneeling in front of you (think “Doggie Style”), wrap your belt around her hips. Then, when you come in, pull the ends of the belt up. This will lift her pelvis, helping you get deeper penetration and potentially stimulating her g-spot. 

#4 Wedge Pillows

I know there are a lot of very nice (and expensive) pillows out there meant for sex. But normal pillows are common household items you can use in sex! Some people even have wedge shaped pillow already as they can help with congestion and snoring. But even if you don’t, you can get creative using pillows to help get you in the perfect position. 

Often, women don’t feel very stimulated in typical “Missionary” position. However, adding pillows under your pelvis can provide a better angle so your husband’s pubic bone can stimulate your clitoris and/or he can hit your g-spot inside the vagiana. Play around with what you have on hand and find just the right position for you so both of you can be pleasured in “Missionary” position.

#5 scarf/bandana/neck tie

If you have one of these items around, you can use it to add some spice to your next fling. You can use it as a blindfold, depriving one sense so your other four can be even more heightened. And not being able to see what’s about to happen can add a level of surprise and anticipation to the encounter. If your husband is dressed up after a date, you can sexily untie his tie, wrap it over your eyes, and tell him to do whatever he wants to you.

You can also use these items to tie you and your spouse together; either at your wrists or your ankles. This will add a bit of a challenge to help you change up the way you do things, and can act to stimulate the imagination as you two are “bound together” in love. 

#6 Stairs

The stairs are a great place to try out new sex positions. Try coming in from behind while one step below or one step above to explore new sensations. You can also try some sitting positions with the stability offered by stairs, or get creative in any way you feel! Sometimes, even just a new location can add excitement and inspiration. 

#7 Grapefruit

Okay, this may not be a household item everyone has, but it’s too fun not to mention. “Grapefruiting” is a way to make fellatio more enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver. You cut off the top and bottom of the grapefruit and a hole in the middle big enough for the penis. During fellatio, the wife can move the grapefruit up and down on the penis to simulate penetration. The grapefruit gives the penis a sweet taste and can give a very pleasurable sensation to the husband. Check out our IG to learn how to prepare your grapefruit!


It doesn’t have to be strenuous or expensive to find new ways to spice up your marriage. All it takes is something to spark your creativity. Try out these suggestions of using household items in the bedroom and come up with your own variations along the way!

Written by Amanda Severson with Get Your Marriage On!

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