Frenulum Orgasm

Frenulum orgasm takes time, patience, and a delicate touch. It can be a nice change of pace from the thrusting and quick tempo we typically associate with male orgasm. For a wife, frenulum orgasm can be a good way to focus on your husband. For a husband, trying to have a frenulum orgasm can help you experience something similar to what your wife experiences when you stimulate her clitoris. 

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Let’s start with the basic anatomy, and then move on to some tips and tricks to help you achieve frenulum orgasm. 

What is the Frenulum?

The Frenulum is found right where the shaft of the penis meets the head, on the underside of the penis. On an uncircumcised penis, it is also where the foreskin connects to the shaft. This small section is usually where the highest concentration of nerves are on the penis, similar to the glans or head of the clitoris. (If you need more help figuring out the anatomy, check out the anatomy section of the Intimately Us app!)

A frenulum orgasm is a different sensation from that of a typical “thrusting” or penetrative orgasm. An orgasm resulting from stimulating the frenulum is often more intense and specific. It can feel overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to start slow and gentle. In many ways, a man receiving frenulum stimulation is a great lesson on how to pleasure his wife because many of the principles that apply to stimulating a clitoris apply to stimulating his frenulum.

Why Try Frenulum Orgasm?

So now we know what the frenulum is, why does it matter? If you can orgasm through penetration, why not just stick with that? Here are 4 reasons to put in the effort and try stimulating the frenulum to orgasm. 

1) Novelty adds Excitement!

Sex is about play! Our sexual enocunters are benefited when we are creative and imaginative. So get creative! Try something new and keep an open mind to the sensations you experience. Even if frenulum orgasm doesn’t turn out to be your favorite experience, it can add novelty and excitement just to try something new. Novelty can also help you appreciate other sexual experienes by highlighting what things you really do like. 

2) A More Intense Orgasm

Reportedly, orgasms achieved through frenulum stimulation feel more intense than penetrative orgasms. This is partially due to the fact that the frenulum is such a sensitive section of the penis. Frenulum orgasm also takes a lot more time than a penetrative orgasm, leaving more room for a build up of tension and desire. It may be you prefer the intimacy and closeness you experience as both spouses take the time to stimulate the frenulum!

3) Helps Spouses Understand Each Other Better 

A frenulum orgasm is very similar to a clitoral orgasm. Both are concentrated on relatively small areas with a lot of nerve endings. Both require a delicate touch and a lot of patience as the sensation slowly grows. Often, husbands have a hard time understanding what their wife wants or what she is experiencing when her clitoris is stimulated. For a man, experiencing a frenulum orgasm is the closest he can get to understanding what his wife feels. This can help a couple feel closer together, as they have a better understanding of what the other person has experienced. A husband can also get a better idea of what feels good, and a wife can deepen her appreciation of the time and patience her husband uses to help her orgasm through clitoral stimulation.  

4) Learning New Skills

Orgasming through frenulum stimulation takes some practice. It takes a certain level of mindfulness to train your brain to let go and simply sit in the experience. It also takes patience to let the sensations slowly build (especially for someone who is used to the quick gratification of a penetrative orgasm). Finally, it takes an understanding of your own anatomy and sexual processes. Even if you don’t end up enjoying frenulum orgasm as much, all of these skills can help you have more erotic sexual encounters and can even help in other areas of your life. Mindfulness and patience can help you as a spouse, a parent, an employee etc. 

Potential Positions

To get started, get into position. Find a position that’s comfortable for both of you (you may be here a while!) and where the wife has access to the underside of the penis. You should try to avoid excessive simulus of the penis. Find a position where few things are touching the penis; either with the penis laying on the man’s stomach, dangling, or with the woman gently holding it up from the base of the shaft. For example…

  • Have the man lay down, and the woman straddle him.
  • Have the man sit in a chair, and the woman knee in front of him
  • Have the man lay on his side, his partner facing him laying on her side. 

How to Stimulate the Frenulum

Start by gently touching the frenulum. You can use a finger, your tongue, your nose, a feather, a vibrator etc. Feel free to use your imagination. There are even sex toys created just for frenulum stimulation, such as JETT: The Guybrator™ and Arcwave Ion

Quick, small movements are usually best. Swirling, up and down, and side to side motions are all  techniques that work great. Light pressure, almost a tickle, will be more than enough to stimulate this very sensitive area. Use lube to avoid irritation and be careful not to over stimulate. Take small breaks if needed, just like with clitoral stimulation. 

While stimulating the frenulum, you can also stroke the shaft with your other hand. You could try touching other areas gently like perineum, anus (if he likes that), testicles / scrotum. Notice what seems to feel good and what doesn’t. Communicate with your partner what sensations are going on. This will be a learning experience for both of you.

Try to relax your body. Often, men describe needing to “let go” and give into the experience. Try being mindful of everything you’re experiencing and to stay focused in the moment. Don’t put pressure on yourself, but be kind and gentle as you explore the sensations going on and all the emotions you feel. As the giving partner, reassure your spouse that you are willing to be patient and aren’t getting bored. Tell them you won’t give up on them, and are experiencing this together. 

It Takes Time and Practice

It takes a while to achieve orgasm through frenulum stimulation. For men, they’re often used to coming fast and hard. So it will take some patience to receive enough stimulation on the frenulum to orgasm. Remember that practice makes perfect, and it may be hard to be patient at first. Learn to be mindful of your situation and to stay in the moment mentally for an extended period of time.

All that being said, this can be a great way for males to experience the intensity of a slowly building orgasm. It can be a connecting experience as a husband can experience the type of orgasms his wife is used to having.

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Written by Amanda Severson with Get Your Marriage On!

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