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Hello lovely readers! It’s around this time of year that I will spend hours scrolling amazon, searching for the perfect gifts for everyone I hold dear. For me, the hardest person to shop for is always my amazing husband. He already told me he has found me 3 perfect gifts this year and asked if he could go over budget to make it the perfect Christmas for me. Meanwhile, I am googling “top christmas presents for men”. 

If you are anything like me, you may be searching for that perfect gift for your spouse. Here at Get Your Marriage On, we offer a variety of products that we have either created or tested and love that can help you build deep intimacy with your spouse. What could be a better gift than deeper intimacy and an even better sex life!? For your convenience, I’ve gathered all of the products we offer that would make a great Christmas gift for your spouse (or a married child, or a friend, or any marriage you are invested in)! For the digital gifts or future events, ask us about a gift certificate that you can wrap and your spouse can open on Christmas!

# 1 Intimately Us Premium

We have created a variety of apps that can help couples deepen their intimacy. And you can download them for free here!

Most of our readers are familiar with our Intimately Us app! Intimately Us has bedroom games, daily challenges, and discover articles meant to deepen sexual knowledge and connection with your spouse. With the premium version, you have access to more games, more flirty invites,  and more opportunities to deepen your marital intimacy. Click this link to look at all our different premium options!

# 2 Guides for Better Sex

Did you know we offer in depth guides on a ton of cool topics? Our latest addition is Awkward to Arousing; a guide walking you through how to “dirty talk” with your spouse! This guide is created for Christian couples to help you learn the benefits of sexy talk, give examples for all experience levels, and help you and your spouse find what works for you! 

Check out all our guides here! These are cheap, but potentially life changing gifts to give your spouse this Christmas.

# 3 Sex Toys

Introducing sex toys (or adding to your collection) can add fun, variety, and more connection with your spouse. These intimacy aids can help you give your spouse more pleasure, learn more about your body (and your spouse’s) and so much more! If you are still hesitant, read our blog post on increasing intimacy with sex toys

It can be intimidating to shop for sex toys. Sometimes, we don’t know where to start. You want to stay away from websites with inappropriate pictures and content, but may not know how to find good sources. We have gathered some of our favorite sex toys into our Fling Baskets to save you the hassle of searching yourself. We even have special Christmas themed ones during December! Check them out here!

Still feeling un-informed? You can join our live workshop all about adding toys to your sexual experience on December 7 (or watch the replay), or check out this quick reference of the types of sex toys and what they are typically used for.

# 4 Sheets and Ladders

Sheets and Ladders is an extra fun and flirty bedroom game. Draw closer, connect, and make sexy memories with your spouse you’ll never forget. This is the perfect gift to say, “I love you (and I want you).” It’s also an excellent bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary gift. This game is reusable and has easy clean up! Get it here.  

# 5 Next Level 

Wanting a little bit more personalized help? Get Your Marriage On Next Level! is an affordable and effective marriage coaching program for couples and individuals that want to build a strong marriage with fulfilling sexual connection and deep intimacy & friendship. 

Join our waitlist if you want to be among the first to join our Next Level community at the beginning of 2023! 

# 6 Couple’s Retreat

This fun, challenging, and life-changing retreat will strengthen your marriage and sexual intimacy! This amazing experience for married couples will help you see your relationship to yourself and your spouse in a whole new way. Open up new possibilities for you and your spouse by overcoming obstacles that keep you stuck. Walk away with a newfound freedom, passion, and desire for each other. Register here!

The holidays can be a stressful time for families. Consider offering your spouse the gift of your attention, care, and love. These GYMO products can be excellent aids as you seek to deepen your connection and intimacy. 

Merry Christmas y’all! 

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